DaVecchio Ceilings

DaVecchio ceilings

Wood seiling

DaVecchio ceilings are inspired by architectures of some of the most renown and luxurious palaces of Florence, Italy. Our goal was to create an easy to install ceiling that would encompass the prestigious influence that the Medici family had in the early years of the Italian Renaissance. What we came up with is a high end product that is adapted to our modern infrastructures and for which we received patents in Canada and the US. 

Our company is on the hunt for creating and developing products that are not currently offered on the market. We will be sure that what we have is an innovative solution that is the proud product of extensive hours of R&D and testing.
Due to its origins, this new European style product is unique in a sense. It is pre-finished, ready to install and offers various possibilities when it comes to covering any kind of surfaces. Made out of particle board, our product comes within a great range of wood essences or board patterns. All mouldings used in the manufacturing process can be customized in color to your specific needs, this adds to its versatile properties.

Wood seiling
We are proud to say that our product is 100% Canadian and that we make sure that all raw materials used in the manufacturing process are eco friendly and come from certified suppliers. 
We invite you to take look at our short instructional video as you will get a better understanding of how simple it is to install DaVecchio ceilings.

License issued by: Régie du Bâtiment du Québec. RBQ: 5640-4627-01
U.S Patent 8,028,481 B2
Canadian Patent 2,666,284

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