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The installation of DaVecchio ceiling is done in four easy steps.  Look at our installation video below for more detailed explanations.

Before proceeding with the first step, if you install the product from a wall to wall surface, make sure the walls of the room are all squared and or evenly parallel.  Unsquared walls will force you to take measurements to correct any differences which could occur from on end of the room to the other.  These differences could appear when installing the contour panels in step 3.

After checking the squareness of the walls, you are ready to proceed with step 1, installing the holding rails to the existing structure. The rails can either be directly installed on dry wall panels when already in place or to the structure in absence of panels. For any new projects there is no need to install dry wall panels to the structure. However, care must be taken not to damage the thermal barrier of the ceiling when in direct contact with the roof truss.

Step 1

During step 2 you have to slide all the modules in between the rails and fix them to the rails using a 18 gauge air nailer with 2 inches long nails.  Warning:  Large modules should be secured in place using appropriate screws instead of nails.

Step 2

The third step consist into installing the surrounding panels along the walls.

Step 3

The fourth step is subdivided into 3 parts.

Step 4

Keep in mind that our product give you, at all time, access to the existing structure underneath the finish ceiling.  It will not prevent you to do any ulterior work like installing additional lighting or wiring when or if needed.
As mentioned in other pages, you can fit into the caisson a 15 inch X 15 inch air diffusers which can be connected to a main air duct using a small section of flexible duct.

As mentioned previously, you can view our installation video for more detail on this:


You can also, if necessary, download if you see utility:
Vicéo d'installation au format Média Player (WMV)Windows Media Player (wmv) (87 Mb)
Vicéo d'installation au format Média Player (WMV)MP4 (87.2 Mb)


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